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March 21, 2018


Prophet aka Risen Monk writes hip hop raps with some of the most convoluted words ever. He is currently signed with the record label, Seveniscompletion. He is a true artist with most of his lyrics coming from his experiences that he went through in his life. He grew up in a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY that inspired most of his hip hop music. He has starved, lived in dumps around crazy hobos and wrote some dark lyrics with deep meaning. His passions include making music, writing, producing and recording movies. Some of his interests include recording, writing, mixing, mastering soccer, prayer, movies, hip hop, production, freestyling and happiness. He’s an all-around music lover and gets his inspiration from many different artists. His style is cultured, in some of his tracks he even speaks Japanese and French. As a talented artist, he freestyles fast and slow. His music is amazing, he’s hilarious and ladies…he has a great smile.

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